What is confirmation?

Confirmation is an important step in a young person’s journey of discipleship.  By being confirmed, each student is making a choice to follow Jesus and to join as an active member in the Body of Christ, the church.  This is a decision that requires preparation, prayer, and discernment. 

The confirmation class is designed to guide students through this process.  Participating in the confirmation class does not mean that this decision is already made.  Some students participate in the class and decide that they are not ready at this point in their lives to make this commitment, and that is OK.  The class is designed to help them fully understand what it means to follow Jesus and be a full member of Christ’s church so that they can decide if they are ready for that commitment.

The class will learn about key components of our Christian faith and seek to instill holy habits of worship, study, prayer, and Christian community.   The goal of the class is to build and strengthen relationships—the confirmand’s relationship with God, with their classmates, with their mentors, and with the larger church. 

Confirmation is a crucial step in the path of discipleship but so much more lies ahead.  Calvary’s confirmation program seeks to establish a solid foundation of faith in Jesus Christ and connection to Christian community so that confirmands will continue to seek out opportunities to grow in their faith long after Confirmation Sunday is over.    


What are the expectations of Calvary’s Confirmation program?
-Attend Worship Regularly
-Meet a minimum of 1x per month (March, April, May) with your mentor
-Attend 1 Church Council Meeting
-Serve at God's Kitchen with your mentor
-Serve Communion with your mentor (4/1, 5/1 or 6/1)
-Sign up to greet at worship a minimum of one Sunday with your mentor
-Sign up to be a lay reader in church
-Attend UMYF 3x
-Attend the UMYF Lock-In (4/23-4/24)
-Participate in UMYF Sunday
-Meet with a long-time Calvary member
-Take a family field trip and be prepared to talk to whole group about it on 6/8


Classes are 10:30 -12:00 unless otherwise noted
Classes will be taught by Roxie Watson, Bob King, Ginger Berndt and Kathy Barna

March 18th - Lesson #1
March 23-24 - UMYF Lock-In  Lesson #2 & #3
March 25th - Lesson #4
April 8 - Lesson #5 & #6 (Extended class unitl 1:00)
April 12 - God's Kitchen and Lesson #7
April 15 - Participate in Youth Services (all 3)
April 16 - Attend Church Council Meeting (or 5/21)
April 22 - Lesson #8
April 29 - Lesson #9
May 6 - Lesson #10
May 20 - Lesson #11
May 21 - Attend Church Council Meeeting if missed 4/16
June 3 - Lesson #12
June 4-June 7 - Meet with assigned church leader
June 8 - Pizza Dinner and Practice 
June 10 - Confirmation Sunday at 9:20 Service