Wouldn’t it be great to help your church with something you are already doing? Well you can! The Scrip Card folks at Calvary invite you to help us retire a loan on the church building early by simply buying and using gift cards to pay for their weekly groceries.

Here’s how it works. Every time the church sells a gift card through the Scrip program, the buyer gets full value for the card and the church gets a percentage of the sale (typically 4 or 5%).  If we could have 100 families buy $100 in gift cards for groceries each week, we could cut three (3) months off our bank loan and then have more funds available for other ministries and it cost nothing to the church or the people who buy the cards!

Grocery Cards are available for Safeway, Giant, Food Lion, Giant Eagle, Weis and Walmart and, of course, we have cards for many other merchants as well. These cards can be purchased by check or cash on Sunday mornings or in the church office during the week and once you join the “Grocery 100 Challenge”, the cards will be ready for easy pickup each week. (Yes, this means that you may have to get out and dust off your checkbook. Think of it as a walk down memory lane while helping out the church at the same time.)

We are encouraging you to sign up and participate in our “Grocery 100 Challenge” starting today by using the registration form you can pick up at the Calvary Connection in the lobby, the Scrip Table outside the Good Shepherd Hall or to register now, please click here.  

Register Online for the Grocery 100 Challenge.

We continue to sell a variety of other gift cards in addition to the grocery cards highlighted in the new Grocery 100 Challenge.  We regulary stock a variety of about 75 of the more popular Gift Cards for immediate pick-up.  But, if you want to purchase from the wider selection of merchant cards available, we encourage you to get your Holiday orders in early. Please use this form to place your Gift Card order each week. Family Order Form

Here are two different lists of our gift card merchants; one listed by category and one listed alphabetically:

Gift Card Merchants By Category

Gift Card Merchants in Alphabetical Order